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Modern day dating dos and donts

Stay focused and in the moment with the person across from you.12. Stay open to the possibility that they have much more to them than meets the eye (and that can be conveyed in five minutes).13. • Make love on your elbows • Occasionally be drunk—but never disorderly • Be mindful of others’ financial circumstances when choosing a restaurant or booking group holidays • Be more interested in finding out about others than talking about yourself • Consider your word your bond • Be able to talk to anyone • Sport a pre-tied bow-tie • Drink Malibu • Buy fuchsia trousers • Tweet • Puts product in your hair • Wear Lycra • Write with a Biro • Forget your wristwatch • Plant gladioli • Walk out during a play • Own a cat • Finish your food before everyone else • Have a speedboat • Adhere too strictly to sets of rules such as this one :: The full list is published in Country Life magazine, out now The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

Talk about marriage, past relationships, religion or politics.8. Chew gum during or smoke right before the event.10.

Meeting strangers for three-minute increments, trying to decipher chemistry and compatibility before the bell rings, and then starting the get-to-know-you conversation all over again...

Strange as speed dating may be, it can be a lot of fun and, judging by its staying power, it's a decent way to meet someone.

Here's the thing – being Catholic is all about being REAL. If you want to date someone who is seemingly perfect and doesn't ever need forgiveness, go ahead. Men already taken by mothers, or women already taken by exes, are not available for your taking, so do not try until they decide for themselves to move on. However, be sure the person on this path has not become so obsessed with the idea of sex-and-marriage that he or she ends up convinced sex and marriage are synonymous.

It starts when you receive the invitation in the mail — either your computer’s Inbox or the one that your junk mail gets delivered to. While modern-day society may no longer follow the social dictates of Emily Post’s rules of etiquette, there’s nothing like a soiree to throw many of us into an internal tailspin.

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If it’s an All white party sha just wear all white! Unless specifically stated, it is considered rude to bring an uninvited guest or to ask if you can bring a plus-one.