Foxy brown dating jay z

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Foxy brown dating jay z

From her long time relationship with Jay-Z and the disgustingly false story about Jay that she NEVER told to how an educated good-girl became the queen of at the tender age of 14... In an interview with Combat Jack, who she goes way back with from when he was a lawyer in the business, Inga Marchand left it all on the table.

You know this is not my first time hearing of Jay giving someone the Clap…..Straight from the 34-year-old Brooklyn Don Diva's mouth, we now know everything to set the record straight about rapper Foxy Brown and her relationships with her father and other men, changing the rap game as a brown skinned girl, her friendships with Lauryn Hill & Nicki Minaj, her mess-ups and the mature place she's in now.Check out the extremely emotional interview inside with the Combat Jack Show...Source: WENNA few media outlets have been making some pretty shocking allegations about 90’s rapper Foxy Brown.It appears that a snitch contacted one site with claims that they overheard Foxy, whose real name is Inga Marchand, dogging out a rapper, who is believed to be Jay-Z at a baby shower.

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During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jay’s wife, Beyonce. Hova: “Now he is with Beyonce…Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa.” Do you believe this…

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