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Dating a step sibling

Suddenly, you have a new stepparent, and possibly even step-siblings.This often makes for a period of uncomfortable exchanges as the two families try to come to terms with each other.But when the latter’s career, and freedom, were ended by a tragic accident, Jane becomes her sister’s keeper.Families take care of one another, and that’s generally a good thing.

**‘Baby’ Jane was a child star, but later in life found herself overshadowed by the more talented Blanche.

Identify how feelings of jealousy, inferiority or competition dating as far back as childhood have contributed to your problems as adults. " article, Judy Dunn, a development psychologist, explains that most sibling conflict arises from the competition for parental attention and affection in childhood.

Make a decision to let go of all the grudges against your sibling that you have been carrying around for so long.

The result is an immensely creepy chiller with a multi-layered battle between the two leads.

**When younger brother Michael is chosen as head of the Corleone family business, oldest surviving brother Fredo is resentful, and turns to Michael’s rivals for help in reasserting himself.

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That’s the dilemma featuring Joan Crawford’s Blanche in this classic slice of Grand Guignol.

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